Switch off life's headaches

We believe that when pain is gone, life takes its place. And that life is at its best when filled with rich, human relationships.

For the past 60 years, Australians have trusted Panadol to help relieve pain. But in today’s fast-paced world we have a new type of pain – it’s called a ‘life headache’. Being always-on and connected 24/7 via our phones and personal devices has become a life headache, with our research showing this can cause pain and tension, as well as interrupt our lives and the way we connect with those around us.

To launch our campaign, we gave Australians the chance to win a stay at our ’Home of Reconnection’ and Switch Off Life’s Headaches.
The house was stripped of all interruptive technology to help Aussies reconsider how much time we spend with our devices, and the way it affects our sense of wellbeing and relationships.
Meet some of our guests

When finding the perfect guest to launch the Home of Reconnection we started with a man whose career was built on the use of technology. You hear him on the radio, see him on TV and read about him on celebrity gossip sites - all the time. You may know him as Nova's radio host 'Fitzy' - but to his family he's Ryan and Dad. We sent 'Fitzy' and his family to the home where they enjoyed time off to reconnect with each other, tech free.

"Time away from our devices really opened up our eyes to how small changes, like no phones at the dinner table, can lead to less distractions, less stress, and more quality time." - Fitzy
Home of Reconnection Winners

Weekend 1 (02/02/18 - 05/02/18) winner: Judy Kim
Weekend 2 (09/02/18 - 12/02/18) winner: Janine Shannan
Weekend 3 (16/02/18 - 19/02/18) winner: Joanne Allwood
Weekend 4 (23/02/18 – 26/02/18) winner: Beverlee Lee
Weekend 5 (02/03/18 - 05/03/18) winner: Francesca Jones
Weekend 6 (09/03/18 – 12/03/18) winner: Kate Armstrong
Weekend 7 (16/03/18 – 19/03/18) winner: Adria Juros
Weekend 8 (23/03/18 – 26/03/18) winner: Judith Heywood

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